Please Wear A Mask

A tisket, a tasket
please wear a mask – it
keeps you and me
from winding up in a casket!

It certainly shows
the utmost of class
when you are so kind
as to put on a mask

And I really shouldn’t
have even to ask
to please do me the courtesy
of wearing your mask

It really isn’t such
a terrible task
so will you please,
won’t you please
put on a mask?

It won’t make it easy
to drink out of a glass
but considering the alternative?
Please put on a mask.

You assuredly don’t
want to be an outcast
so get with the program
and put on that mask!

If you love the sun
and want to go out and bask
please do be my guest
but put on that mask!

And I’d reckon in
the city of Belfast
they’re doing it right
and wearing a mask

Why, I bet you could
even do a podcast
while still staying safe
and wearing a mask!

I’ll even admit that
I’m QUITE aghast
when I see certain folks
not wearing a mask

Matter of fact, I’ve
heard it forecast
we’d have less COVID-19
if we all wore a mask!

I bet we could absolutely
get this pandemic surpassed
if only everyone could
please, please wear a mask!

I know we could all
just be having a blast
once this pandemic is over
but for now? WEAR A MASK!

I think I’ve run out of rhymes
alack and alas
So follow the science and

(I hope you enjoyed
this small bit of verse
and please wear a mask
so you don’t wind up in a hearse.)

Thanks for reading,
Meredith Silverman

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